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Shooter Ready fills the nexus between shooting, outdoors lifestyle and adventures, and urban life. Australian shooters can look forward to content that simple cannot be found anywhere else.

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Author and Editor

JC – JC is an avid shooter, and cut his teeth in F-Class, back in 2009. Although he hasn’t been in the shooting world for a long time, he has the unique pleasure of being exposed to some of the most cutting edge aspects of this sport. Rather than learn from personal trial and error, he got to learn from some of the best.

He brings an unconventional, sometimes irreverent, and distinctly Gen Y perspective to the table, occasionally served with a side of Chairborne Ranger tacticool.

He has a Masters degree in Policing, Intelligence, and Counter Terrorism, and graduated from the University of Sydney with a double degree in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. He dabbled with physics (if you can call 3 years of intensive studying “dabbling”), and majored in sociology. He shares his less conventional academic perspective on relevant issues here on